「See-D Contest 2012 審査発表会」のご案内

2012/11/29 | By IMPACT Japan
See-D Contestは、途上国の環境、文化にあった「適正技術」のアイディアを競う日本で唯一のプロダクト& […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week Japan 2012 is about 3 weeks away!

2012/10/17 | By IMPACT Japan
日本に大きな変化が必要であることは、すでに周知の事実です。ひとりひとりが、素晴らしいアイディアを持っているにも […]

The Future of Human Intelligence and Computer Science

2012/09/06 | By IMPACT Japan
「失敗の本質」、知識創造理論で有名な野中郁次郎、一橋大学名誉教授が代表発起人となり、日本から世界に知的議論を発 […]

[Event] USJC Entrepreneurship Initiative Launch Event

2012/04/17 | By IMPACT Japan
The U.S.-Japan Council’s entrepreneurship strateg […]

Event Report: IMPACT Japan x TEDee @KREI co-lab西麻布

2012/03/02 | By IMPACT Japan
On February 28th, we had our 5th salon at KREI co-lab西麻 […]

[Event] TEDee x IMPACT Japan

TEDee x IMPACT Japan @KREI co-lab西麻布

2012/02/23 | By IMPACT Japan
We will host a collaboration event of TEDee, KREI co-la […]

[Event] TEDxTokyo

TEDxTokyo 2012 – Where Art Meets Science

2012/02/22 | By IMPACT Japan
Today we can announce details of our 2012 conference an […]

Kiyoshi Kurokawa's blog

“This is Liberal Arts: Summer Course 2011” by Harvard College students

2011/07/15 | By IMPACT Japan
I noted in previous blog articles (Ref 1) (in Japanese) […]

Harvard College Japan Initiative x Liberal Arts Beyond Borders

HCJI – LAB Summer School 2011

2011/06/16 | By IMPACT Japan
Experience, Learn, and Think! Summer School 2011 is des […]

[Event] TEDxTokyo

TEDxTokyo 2011: Huge Success!

2011/05/23 | By IMPACT Japan
It was such a great event! On the May 21, TEDxTokyo 201 […]