INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project

東北復興に、日本、そして、世界の智慧・リソースを活かす、「カタール・東北・イノベーター・プラットフォーム」(INTILAQ) プロジェクトにつきまして、東日本大震災の被災地復興支援プロジェクトに資金を援助するカタール国の基金「カター… [Read more >>]

<!--:en-->INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project<!--:--><!--:ja-->INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project<!--:--> <!--:en-->INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project<!--:--><!--:ja-->INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project<!--:-->


第6回トポス会議のご案内 世界の総人口が90億人を超えるにもかかわらず、我が国は1億人を割り、しかも65歳以上が4割近くを占め(15歳未満は何と1割程度)、平均寿命は女性が90歳、男性が83歳を超える――。 これが、各調査機関が… [Read more >>]

<!--:en-->6th TOPOS Conference<!--:--><!--:ja-->第6回トポス会議のご案内<!--:--> <!--:en-->6th TOPOS Conference<!--:--><!--:ja-->第6回トポス会議のご案内<!--:-->

A Trip to Taipei, Many Events in Japan

2011/12/12 | By IMPACT Japan
A week after Seoul and Okinawa, I flew to Taipei. I was invited to give a plenary lecture at the Society of In […] [Read More]

Summary of My Recent Activities: Singapore, Hiroshima, SoftBank, and Kanazawa Institute of Technology

2011/09/21 | By IMPACT Japan
I have been busy these days, which is nothing new….. And since my blog postings can not catch up with my […] [Read More]

Jiro Asada’s Novel; The Last Years of the Qing Dynasty

2011/08/11 | By IMPACT Japan
I think Jiro Asada, a Japanese writer, has quite a lot of fans. I am one of his fans, too, although I have not […] [Read More]

Nadeshiko Japan Grasps a Miraculous Victory, All of Japan Cheers the New World Cup Champion

2011/07/26 | By IMPACT Japan
Homare Sawa shot a miraculous heel shot goal, with just 4 minutes to play in the extra time, making the score […] [Read More]

Hot Summer, Town Event, ‘Quiet’ Japanese

2011/07/22 | By IMPACT Japan
It is hot summer now. In Iwate or Miyagi where tsunami hit, people must be having hard time because of the hea […] [Read More]