Next Phase in Revitalizing Tohoku Begins: INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center to Open Feb. 1

2016/01/05 | By IMPACT Japan


Next Phase in Revitalizing Tohoku Begins:
INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center to Open Feb. 1

IMPACT Foundation Japan is an independent legal entity created in 2010 to help nurture Japan’s next generation of global leaders. Beginning in 2013, it received key financial support from the Qatar Friendship Fund to develop a next-stage project aimed at igniting the latent energy of the Tohoku region following the natural disasters of March 2011.

On February 1, 2016, the main symbol of that project — the INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center — is scheduled to open in the Oroshimachi district of Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.

To date, IMPACT Foundation Japan has planned and managed a number of innovative projects along the lines of TEDxTokyo, Global Entrepreneurship Week Japan, and H-Lab. In 2013 it was selected by QFF to create, develop and manage a new project called INTILAQ to promote the revitalization of the Tohoku region, not simply by supporting existing venture businesses, but also by reaching out to students of all ages, as well as to small and medium-sized manufacturers, and to all sorts of young companies that show potential to grow and to employ members of their local communities. INTILAQ’s mission is to identify, cultivate, and financially assist these key local “change agents.”

Among its other functions, the INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center will be a comprehensive incubation environment, featuring flexible co-working spaces and booths, classrooms, event spaces, a video production/editing, broadcasting studio, and a kitchenette. Also, because passionate change agents often forget the time when they are caught up in some exciting project and find themselves stranded wherever they are brainstorming, INTILAQ has included simple overnight accommodation space to ease some of the pains of entrepreneurism. Going forward, INTILAQ will not only manage and operate the Center, but also nurture and support these local change agents, even organizing and sponsoring a variety of events and workshops where Center members can meet and interact with area experts, pick up information, and obtain vital introductions from them. Simply put, the Center is a focal point to bring together IMPACT’s regional, national, and global networks, providing both the hardware and software to comprehensively support local change agents.

From January 2016, IMPACT Foundation Japan will be accepting applications for membership in the Center. In addition, it will be sponsoring a number of events and workshops aimed at entrepreneurs, starting with Sendai Entrepreneur Week 2016 (Jan. 23-31), which will be held just prior to the official opening for the Center itself.

For more information, please refer to the Center Overview below and/or the INTILAQ Website:

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