The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2015 (TEAJ)

2015/04/05 | By IMPACT Japan
( 英文のあとに日本語訳が続きます。) Dear Colleagues and Friends, We would like to announce The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2015 (TEAJ). This year, six special awards will be given to entrepreneurs in Japan by a coaliti [Read More]

INTILAQ 起業体験ワークショップ

2015/03/03 | By IMPACT Japan
INTILAQ 起業体験ワークショップ 会社経営をバーチャル体験できる、人気の起業家マインド養成プログラムです! 日時 2015年3月29日(日) 10:00~17:00 (9:30開場) ※途中、昼食休憩をはさみます。 場所 東北大学カタールサイエンスキャンパスホール 参加  無料(要予約) 主催 INTILAQ 東北イノベーターズハブ 共催 東北大学カタールサイエンスキャンパス 予約 http [Read More]

INTILAQ English Boot Camp

2015/02/27 | By IMPACT Japan

6th TOPOS Conference

2014/06/23 | By IMPACT Japan
6th TOPOS Conference: The world population has passed 9 billion people, but Japan’s is no more than 100 million. Of that, almost 40% are over 65 years old and only 10% are under 15!, with life expecta [Read More]

INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project

2013/07/16 | By IMPACT Japan
IMPACT Japan is happy and excited to announce that our new project, INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub has received funding from Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF). A signing ceremony for the project was taken pl [Read More]

The Future of Human Intelligence and Computer Science

2012/09/06 | By IMPACT Japan
There is a prevailing opinion in the world of computer science that sooner or later we will reach a technological singularity, i.e. a point in time when computers’ abilities surpass human intelligence [Read More]

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