Event: Food education in Japan for Tohoku

2013/12/12 | By IMPACT Japan

Food Glorious FoodOn Monday 16th December 2013 IMPACT Japan is hosting an open discussion and two special lectures presented by University of Gastronomy science in Italy for Food education and Tohoku revival project.

Panelists will address topics such as the huge potential for food education in Japan in relation to agriculture & food production, and the future challenges facing the industry in Tohoku in terms of education and professional training.

For more information and to register for this event please visit the event page.


    • Haruko Nishida, IMPACT Foundation Japan
    • Andrea Pieroni, Professor of Associate Professor of Food Biodiversity Sciences, Ethnobotany, and Ethnobiology in University of Gastronomy Science
    • Hima Furuta, Organizer of Marunouchi Morning University for Tohoku revival project
    • Daiki Chiba, Local business coordinator in the Sendai area
  • Yuichiro Watanabe, Professor at Tokyo University
  • Akira Shinagawa, Professor at Gakushuin Women’s College


Moderator: Yukako SAITO University of Gastronomy Science
Interpretor: Yoko MIyoshi

Special lectures by UNISG

Lecture 1: Why do we need to study Food science today?
Delivered by Professor Morini

Lecture 2: The history and production of the best chocolate in the world
(including a tasting of the world best chocolate)
Delivered by Professor Marconi

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