INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub Project

2013/07/16 | By IMPACT Japan


IMPACT Japan is happy and excited to announce that our new project, INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub has received funding from Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF). A signing ceremony for the project was taken place at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Japan on July 5th, 2013.

INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub

Open Innovation INTILAQ is a project to build a dynamic open innovation platform to develop an ecosystem for innovators and entrepreneurs for the entire Tohoku region and globally connect to startup communities by curating and integrating the best existing resources locally, nationally, and globally. The QFF Tohoku center will be located in Sendai and fuel the local and surrounding economy. By developing an ecosystem in the region, we will produce entrepreneurs who move to other Tohoku regions and fuel their local economy.

INTILAQ Tohoku Center

A physical center of excellence that attracts the innovators and early adopters from Tohoku and beyond, to develop themselves, their ideas and their organizations as a dynamic peer community. It also will serve as an inspiring world class model for educators, government officials, corporate intrapreneurs and others to experience potential solutions to their pressing issues.

INTILAQ will feature:

  • Tools for Designing, Making / Prototyping (laser cutters, 3D printer, CNC, digital studio,…)
  • Flexibility / Re-configurability for different activities throughout the day
  • Warm, welcoming, exciting, inspiring, stimulating space and culture
  • Work, Eating, drinking, cooking, socializing, collaborating
  • Events, workshops, classes, hackathons, matching, performances (moveable furniture, projector,…)
  • Soft infrastructure such as hosts, profiles, pictures, virtual platform that extends the program beyond the physical center (24/7, globally)
  • FabCafe INTILAQ:hybrid of Fab + Café


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