Globally Relevant Innovation

Nurturing innovation that is non-incremental and globally orientated

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Developing globally engaged leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset

Empowerment of Women

Unleashing Japan’s vibrant and most under-utilized resource

Tohoku Renewal

Reinvigorating Japan by supporting Tohoku

IMPACT Japan has established an ecosystem and platform that together assist individuals and organizations in their efforts to amplify their impact. In the process of establishing the IMPACT platform and ecosystem four themes were considered, as indicated above.

IMPACT Japan believes that by focussing on these areas it will not only help alleviate Japan’s difficulties with fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, but that by doing so it will successfully address many of Japan’s most pressing economic and social issues. Therefore, IMPACT Japan will assist collaborators and develop programs that will address these themes in the most effective way and invite them to join its ecosystem and expand its platform.

Constituted of a diverse range of effective programs, events, and projects, the IMPACT platform is a space where entrepreneurial success is celebrated, research leads to development, ideas are turned into action, and where innovative and globally orientated education is provided — thus facilitating the development of a truly entrepreneurial culture. Examples of such programs and events are Global Entrepreneurship Week Japan, the Harvard College Japan initiative, and TEDxTokyo.

IMPACT collaborators are key individuals and organizations that span business, academia, government, and the citizen sectors in Japan and the world. Comprised of the vast network of all of IMPACT Japan’s collaborators who power the projects, events, and programmes, the ecosystem stands to support the IMPACT platform. The ecosystem enables IMPACT collaborators to remain connected and continue projects into the long-term, whilst retaining access to a curated set of leading edge resources, learning programs, projects, mentors, leadership skills, business innovation, business collaboration, networking opportunities on a global scale, scholarships, mentorships, incubation, design thinking and education through real-world experiences – for all age groups and sectors.

The argument that IMPACT Japan posits here is that individuals and organizations ought not to be isolated. Instead, by being synergised and by being part of an environment that nurtures mutual support and benefits, new members to the IMPACT ecosystem will quickly find that their goals are accelerated, their ideas further developed, and that their passion and perseverance are mirrored in the collaborative efforts of high quality community.