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「グローバル・アントレプレナーシップ・ウィーク」の母胎はイギリス、アメリカそれぞれで成功を収めた活動にあります。イギリスでは2004年にイギリス前首相Gordon Brownの提唱により「Enterprise Week」が発足し、2007年にはアメリカでも「Entrepreneurship Week USA」が開催されました。これらの取り組みをさらに発展させるべく、Kauffman財団が音頭を取って、2008年より一本化された取り組みが「Global Entrepreneurship Week」です。





GEW Japanの目的は、セクターを超えて、日本の各世代で起業家精神を成長させることにあります。IMPACT Japanは、来年から、GEWの総合ホスト役を本田財団様から引き継ぐこととなりました。

GEW世界ホストKauffman財団ならびに、IMPACT Japanは今回のGEWを単に一週間の行事で終わらせる事なく、GEW参加者が、これを機会に真の起業に至るまでの、今後の継続的なサポート提供の第一歩としてとらえております。




IMPACT Japanは、こうした弱点を克服し、日本の潜在力を延ばす上で、起業家精神の養成、起業家が活躍する環境づくりが何よりも大切であると考えます。



Powered by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and taking place in over 100 different countries, the Global Entrepreneurship Week is a mission to spark and reignite the spirit of entrepreneurship over the course of a week.

It is very much about "bringing ideas to life" and giving people, from all sectors and age groups, a chance to inspire each other at the local, national and global level. Various sessions and activities for participants will be organized, and a wide variety of speakers will be there to address anyone and everyone interested in entrepreneurship.

GEW Japan

The overarching theme for GEW Japan 2011 may be termed as “the next step forward,” vocalizing the mission to see increased entrepreneurial activity in all sectors and ages. With special focuses on business strategy, youth, technology and global networking, there will be approximately eighteen events scheduled for GEW Japan.

This is not just about the week. The goal is to make the week last a year, by making GEW an actual platform of networking opportunities that will allow participants to establish concrete and reliable relationships that will last far beyond the week.

Reimagining Japan and the importance of GEW for the future

Despite her great potential, Japan has been criticized on many accounts, such as the lack of business innovation when there is a vast pool of creativity and talent; the difficulty for women to make progress in their careers; the over dominance of an inward perspective and the lack of a global outlook, especially for the youth; the lack of a good communication network.

IMPACT Japan’s mission is to spark entrepreneurship and venture businesses, send Japanese youth abroad and see a Japan that is at key participant on the global platform, which is what led it to be a key pioneer of the GEW.

The GEW is not only one of the best networking opportunities in Japan, but it is also attended by all those who wish to see a globally and entrepreneurially active Japan.

Every participant has a chance to present his/her ideas, knowledge, receive feedback and connect with others to work on a better future.

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