H-LAB Summer School of Liberal Arts 2012

Experience, Learn, and Think!

Summer School 2012 is designed to broaden the available options for Japanese high school students and provide opportunity to seek their interest through the interaction with college students both from Harvard and diverse Japanese colleges.

High school students will stay in Tokyo and spend 9 days together with more than 20 Harvard students and about 30 Japanese college students.


Through the course of this nine-day long program, Japanese high school students can physically experience the model of world’s best Liberal Arts Education. To raise students’ awareness to be internationally active is one of our goals of this program.

More broadly, we aim to create human interactions beyond the ordinary borders surrounding high school students in Japan, such as one between schools, generations (lack of college-high-school student interaction), specialties and such. By providing more opportunities of human interactions among diverse communities, we seek to create a hub of information sharing through which high school students to find their interests and choose college and future paths with more accessible and accurate information.

We thus attempt to resolve the so-called “Uchimuki” tendency of Japanese youth not only in a global but also in a local atmosphere by implementing the model of Liberal Arts based on human interactions.


  1. Liberal Arts Seminar
  2. Designed based on Freshman Seminar Curriculum of Harvard College, each college students participant will organize a seminar on the topic of his/her own interest.

    Seminars will aim to offer Japanese high school students a brief introduction to Liberal Arts Education and its style of study as well as to enrich their educational experience.

  3. Forum
  4. High school students will get an oppotunity to listen to Japanese leaders from various fields and also to have a discusstion with them.

    Speakers from last year includes Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa (professor of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), Dr. Hirotaka Takeuchi (professor of Harvard Business School), Tadashi Yanai (founder and president of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.). Please see its full list of speakers at H-LAB website.

  5. Workshop, Night Session, and the House System
  6. Various creative workshops at day time and free interactions and receptions at night will be provided during the program.

    House system is also designed for participants based on Harvard College housing system to create a full collegiate experience. The house system is considered as a central element of liberal arts education of Harvard College.

    For more details of the program, please see H-LAB 2012: Program.


The entire program is conducted in English, but college students will help high school students to understand each content if necessary.

Read more information on H-LAB Summer School 2012 website (Japanese)

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